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Monthly Adult workshops and events, whether dance, double dutch, flexibility, etc.  Sign up for updates!

Class Testimonialsls
"The last class made me feel more in touch with my body than ever. I think it’s perfect for anyone hoping to build flexibility and get in touch with your most sensual self. Definitely will be a workout but the instructor was also so welcoming - it was like a small community in the studio."

Shainee M, NY

Meet your instructor!

Hey! I'm Darryl aka Dee

For so long, I'd been trying to figure out what I'm most passionate about, as we all are, right? It wasn't until now that I realize, it's not about what I'm doing, but who I'm doing this journey with.


And so long story short, I created Flavors of Movement with hopes of connecting the dopest humans through movement, conversation, and whatever other forms of expression it may take. I look forward to growing a community that is joyful, infinitely connected, and welcoming, in a world where we are pulled in so many different directions.


Joyful, Transformational, & Creative Wellness

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