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I’m Darryl, and I was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, NY. I can fortunately say I grew up in an era where physical activity was prevalent. We’d get super creative with it too (shoutout to the lack of modern electronic devices). Entering adolescence and eventually adulthood, responsibilities and feelings of uncertainty in life began to take over more control than I desired. I then began to open myself up to discover and re-explore various mediums of expression. These creative outlets became not only a source of joy, but a form of therapy for me in what felt like a new world. As I shared my journey, I noticed how much I inspired joy and healing in others. In the process, I also grew an admiration and love for my community. I’m consistently inspired by the way the black Queens community has grown within the past few years alone and the unity we've created (shoutout to the Blaque Resource Network).

Flavors of Movement was created to provide the black community with a safe space to de-stress, have fun, and expand limitlessly. With this in mind, I deliver a variety of creative outlets including, but not limited to double dutch, gymnastics, and yoga. A lot of us need a space in which we can simply get back to being children.. for means of liberation, exploration, and strengthening the connection with ourselves and others. I want to provide the black community a chance to explore the ways in which creative movement can improve their overall quality of life, the same way it has infinitely done for mine.

With Love,

Sculpted By D. aka Darryl

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