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Flavors of Movement KIDs

NOTE: At this moment, we only offer mobile creative movement services. Tell your favorite school, daycare, or other organization about us!

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By Sculpted by. D

We bring Creative Fitness training,

workshops, and programs to your organization!

Gymnastics | Double Dutch | Dance | & More

Creating a joyful and connected experience through creative movement guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the kiddies!

We travel to your daycare, school, and/or other organization.

Based in NYC.

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Flexibility Class for all
Flexibility with friends
Adult Gymnastics
Double dutch for Teens
Adult Flexibility class
Our Gymnastics + Double dutch program for ESOTA
Flavors of Movement provides your organization with a variety of fun and engaging ways to get moving!


Ready to bring the fun to your organization? Inquire below.

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We're excited to connect with you!


Joyful, Transformational, & Creative Wellness

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