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Joyful transformation of the mind, body, and soul

Not your average fitness training.

Emphasizing joy, connection, and creativity along the journey of transformation!

Join us for a workshop, event, or book us for a session or for your organization.

Creative Movement for ALL ages

Gymnastics | Flexibility | Double Dutch | Dance | & More

Based in NYC.

Flexibility Class for all
Double dutch for Teens
Adult Gymnastics
Flexibility with friends
Adult Flexibility class
Flavors of Movement provides you with a variety of fun and engaging ways for you to express yourself and build yourself up in the process!

"The last class made me feel more in touch with my body than ever. I think it’s perfect for anyone hoping to build flexibility and get in touch with your most sensual self. Definitely will be a workout but the instructor was also so welcoming - it was like a small community in the studio."

- Shainee M. , NYC


Meet your instructor!

Hey! I'm Darryl aka Dee

For so long, I'd been trying to figure out what I'm most passionate about, as we all are, right? It wasn't until now that I realize, it's not about what I'm doing, but who I'm doing this journey with and the way I transform through it...

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• Vendor Partnerships

• Community events

• Private Individual and group sessions

  • Personal training, birthdays, friend dates, special occasions … etc

In-Studio, Outdoor, Mobile, And Virtual training available.


Recreational Gymnastics training:

Beginner-Intermediate gymnastics specializing in: Splits, handstands, Cartwheels, Round-offs, Handsprings, tucks, + More

Double dutch training:

Learn to jump Double dutch!

Let's achieve your fitness goals while having fun and getting creative!


Founder: Darryl Francis
Creative Fitness Coach / Certified Gymnastics Coach

Flavors of Movement was created to provide the black community with a safe space to de-stress, have fun, and expand limitlessly. With this in mind, I deliver a variety of creative outlets including, but not limited to double dutch, gymnastics, and yoga. A lot of us need a space in which we can simply get back to being children.. for means of liberation, exploration, and connection to ourselves and others. I want to provide the black community a chance to explore the ways in which creative movement can improve their quality of life, the same way it has infinitely done for mine.



Let's make fitness fun! Start your creative fitness journey today.

Queens/ Long Island, New York

(929) 267-3227

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Joyful, Transformational, & Creative Wellness

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